User Agent Switcher | Switch Between Browser User Agents

Publisher: chrispederick
License: Freeware
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Date added: Feb 13, 2015

User Agent Switcher is an extension available on all browsers which adds a menu as well as a button which allows you to switch the user agent of the browser that you’re using. User Agent Switcher, Web Developer Toolbar which is useful when you need to fake or mimic other browsers, devices and search engines. It also allows you to test how a page is presented and responds to other browsers. User Agent Switcher is compatible with all platforms for free.

Switch User Agent In Browser By User Agent Switcher 


Key Features Of User Agent Switcher 

User Agent Switcher contains a lot of key features that you may need in your browser.

  1. It contains the ability that by changing the User-Agent it allows you to edit the browser and devices.
  2. The extension switches the JavaScript based User-Agent on the browser you’re using.
  3. The functionality to preset the browser for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Phone and Computer Browsers and so much more.
  4. The ability to add your own user-agent in case you can’t find what you need through the expansion of the extension feature.
  5. Switch pages functionality and its response to your web browser. In other words, it allows you to reach certain pages which only allows browsers or devices that you do not have.

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How To Use User Agent Switcher?

  1. You first need to download the extension on your web browser by going to the add-ons page of your browser and searching for User Agent Switcher, or you can also go to Google and search for it and picking the right browser and add it on your browser.
  2. In order to activate or change the user-agent that you would like, right click on a page inside the browser anywhere and go down to User-Agent Switcher, then, select any user-agent that you’re looking for.
  3. After selecting the user-agent between selections such as: iOS, Internet Explorer, Android, Windows Phone and etc. You can use it as a device on the browser to present the pages in the manner that you have chosen with the user-agent you have picked.

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