Slim Browser Download for windows 7

License: Freeware
Filesize: 3.74MB
Date added: Sep 8, 2015

Get the latest Slim Browser for windows 7/8/8.1/10 for the ultimate web surfing experience. It’s a lightweight application based on Microsoft’s trident engine and comes with some pretty cool features inclusive of a complete package of social networking sites fully integrated i.e Facebook, Twitter etc all these without having to install all those annoying add-ons.

Top 5 features of the latest version of Slim Browser :

1. Password protection: Ever wondered how you can protect your browsing privacy without having to clear your browsing history each time? well the answer your looking for is Slim Browser it provides the option of locking your browser with a password without having to actually close the browser at all. To activate this cool feature go to the Tools Menu – Privacy – Set Master Password and you’re good to go. Slim Browser free download.

2. Hide Tabs : With the version now out it comes with a new impressive feature which allows you to hide websites from the main browser interface. All you have to do is right click on the tab you want to hide and click on Hide, Baam it’s gone!. To undo this you simply have to navigate to the View Menu – Hidden Sites and they’re back.

3. Take screenshots : We all know how cool screenshots are so Slim Browser finally added this awesome feature to its basket. You can turn on this feature by accessing the file menu – save screenshot, to capture your entire webpage or a particular portion of it.Slim Browser Download for windows 7.

4. Save YouTube Videos : With your Slim Browser up and running the need to copy video URLs and using      external applications to download your favorite videos is a thing of the past. Slim Browser download for mac. This browser provides the download option as you stream the videos directly from YouTube, with vast options of video quality formats ranging from 240p all the way to HD 1080p. One more great feature about this is it allows you to even extract the audio from the video, how cool is that.

5. URL Autocomplete :  Using a simple Control + Enter key shortcut you are able to auto-complete a website url by prefixing “WWW” and suffixing “com”, faster than actually having to keep on retyping the same each time you wanna access a website.

New features and Benefits of Latest Slim Browser,

Slim Browser is a secure web browser application loaded with many of the powerful features. It keeps a built-in pop-up killer and Ads filter to eliminate annoying advertisements. It is available as a Freeware download packed into a setup file of only about 3.74MB for the Automatic Installer & the portable version at 3.41MB. Enjoy

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