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Vistumbler software is track wi-fi spots in our surroundings  and access the wi-fi. Vistumbler software  increases the capacity of Windows7 and vista Wi-Fi network manager.

Easily Access Your Near By Wi-Fi Points By Downloading Vistumbler Software

Easily Access Your Near By Wi-Fi Points By Downloading Vistumbler Software

Want to know the close by restaurants in your vicinity, but you are unable to find the Wi-Fi points? Then you can download this Vistumbler software. This wireless network scanner will detect all the Wi-Fi spots in your vicinity and tracks the signal strength and subsequently help you to get connected to them. The easy to use interface with a window shows the nearby Wi-Fi access points with a click.

Top 5 Vistumbler Features

  • Compatible on windows operating system
  • Makes use of Windows Native Wifi API to find the close by access points and help you get the wireless information at a faster pace
  • Has GPS support
  • Easy to export and import the access point from this tool. In fact, this software exports the GPS location of the access point to the google earth, so that you can view the access point on the google earth clearly.
  • Can know the strength of the Wi-Fi signal with the help of sound files, and windows sound api

Advantages of Vistumbler Software

  1. We can easilly track wi-fi and access.
  2. Vistumbler software is an excellent tool even Without the GPS to Google Earth mapping.

 Latest version Of  Vistumbler Software

This is an open source tool that supports Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 and windows vista operating system. In the latest version, they have added Minimal GUI mode. This feature turns off the list and treeview and boost the performance of scanning. The access point will be wiped off after a certain time or after reaching certain access points list.


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