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Ever thought of ways in which you could improve your Facebook experience? Now you can achieve this without being a programmer, just download the Social Fixer extension from the internet which has a host of customizable options.Social fixer extension customizable facebook provides windows browers supports social fixer, firefox, chrome, opera & safaris safe and securs your facebook  account

Social Fixer Software Download  For Windows 7, 8.1, 10, And Mac

     Make FB more fun and efficient by Download Social Fixer Extension

Driver TypeFile SizeOperating SystemVersionDownload Now
Social Fixer Software 278KBWindows 10 32bit,
Windows 10 64bit,
Windows 7 32bit,
Windows 7 64bit,
Windows 8 32bit,
Windows 8 64bit,
Windows 8.1 32bit,
Windows 8.1 64bit
16.0.0Download Now

Advantages Social Fixer:

              Social fixer With the very high popularity of Facebook, it is no longer a question of whether you use the application or not, rather it is a question of how you use it and what customizations you desire. If you use Facebook exclusively for news feeds or for chats and comments or you happen to use a mixture of everything that the application offers, in all such cases you will find the Social Fixer add-on which sits on top of your browser just what you have waiting for.

FeaturesSocial Fixer:

               With an option to personalize almost every feature that Facebook provides, this extension for Windows browsers is safe and secure. In addition, it also fixes some of the bugs that are present on Facebook such as switching over to the “Top Stories” feed rather than staying on the “Most Recent” feed even when manually selected. Unlike other unsafe add-on’s, this extension provides virus protection and hence does not cause any harm to your PC. Setup the extension and learn how it works to get the most out of Facebook.


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