Best free Camera Apps for Android Mobile Phone


Camera is meant to click or capture memories which can be remembered in the future. That’s why the camera is so, special, addition to the android mobile camera there are few camera apps which support, enhance, edit and write description to it. Below is a list of the some of the best camera apps that can be downloaded from Play ...

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Quick Steps To Use Your Own Video Wallpaper On Android Mobile


The possibilities of the Android operating system are endless. Take the wallpapers as an example. There was a time when only images stored in your phone gallery or the built-in wallpapers provided by Android or any other operating system could be set as wallpapers. Then came a time when Android provided users with live wallpapers. But now there’s a new ...

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Quick Steps To Increase RAM On Android Phone Using SD Card


Mobile phones are notoriously difficult to personalize compared to personal computers. Some ecosystems are more open than others – Android OS is much more customizable than other OS’s – but phone manufacturer’s still make it exceedingly difficult to override some of the built in software and hardware limitations. Here explains quick steps to expand or increase the internal memory. Expand ...

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3 Simple Steps To Find IMEI Number Of Android Mobile Phone


With the unprecedented growth of the smartphone industry, the mobile phone has worked its way into becoming an essential component of everyone’s day-to-day life. That being said, many of us are still woefully ignorant of the inner functions or characteristics of these devices that we carry around all day. You’re probably familiar with SIM cards and how they uniquely identify ...

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