UBCD Ultimate Boot CD For Windows 7, 8.1 Free Download

Publisher: ultimatebootcd.com
License: Freeware
Filesize: 592Mb
Price: 0$
Date added: Jan 26, 2015

UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) is a Windows friendly, powerful diagnostics tool in the form of a bootable recovery CD. Its main purpose is to diagnose virtually any computer issue, including (but not limited to) restoration, virus scanning and repairs. The program also comes with a variety of applications along with network support.

UBCD Software A Bootable Recovery CD Is All You Need

UBCD Ultimate Boot CD For Windows 7, 8.1 Free Download

Amongst it’s many features, the Ultimate boot cd includes a wide range of anti virus and anti spyware programs. These programs are essential for finding and flushing out any harmful files. It also includes applications such as PDF reader and Firefox for using the web, and four programs (DeepBurner, DVD Ram, Express Burn, and SmallCD) that are a must for restoring your computer’s CD and DVD burning capabilities. Along with those programs also comes software, like “Ghost” and “Kaspersky AV”, two programs that allow you to listen and view burned material. And most importantly are an array of disk tools and file recovery programs for restoring and protecting your files. Essentially, if your computer has been compromised, the ultimate boot cd can bring it back to the way it was before! here we provide ultimate boot cd free download.

Ultimate Boot CD PC Software Free Download

Ultimate Boot CD Vs Trinity Rescue Kit

A widely popular restoration tool for computers is the Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK), which has been known as a go to program for damaged computers. However, compared to UBCD, Trinity is very slow and memory insensitive, so files can easily be lost. Trinity Rescue Kit also does not have nearly the amount of virus scanning capability as the UBCD.

Bug Free Ultimate Boot CD For Windows PC

Some minor issues with the CD lies in it’s contents. Some of the freeware utilities are personal use copies, meaning they are licensed for private use. So users will have to obtain new licenses for these, which can easily be done. The process to restoring your machine has many steps to it, but each step is necessary and worth it for the most desirable outcome. Also, during installation, dial-up users may experience some difficulties due to slow internet connections, but the option to purchase the CD is readily available.

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The UCBD ultimate boot cd is free to download and runs on any machine that is compatible with Intel. Once installed, there will be a text box. The instructions are easy to follow, designed to work for anyone from beginner to expert. When considering what diagnostics tools to get for your PC, UBCD is a standout choice. It offers a significantly greater amount of features to make your computer yours again.

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