Get Windows 7 Start Menu In Windows 8.1

Date added: Nov 25, 2014

Start Menu 8 was specifically designed for Windows 8/8.1. It make better alternative to users who frequently use Windows 7 Start Menu Classic and are not used to the new Metro start screen offered by start menu windows 8/8.1. Features of the new version replace start menu 8 include added languages (Ukrainian and Catalan) and fixed general bugs. It gives you faster access to programs, files and documents, control panel, and settings. It is customizable, simple, and free to use. In addition, it supports a restart in safe mode.

Download and Active Start Menu on Windows 8/8.1

The start of the improvement is a more comprehensive searching. get start menu on windows 8.1 once you enter a file name, the program searches the drive for matching names. In this regard, it supports fast search on whole disks. Second, it allows you to open a document directly from the start menu. Third, extended explorer integration enables the user to pin an application to the menu by right clicking and consequently selecting “start menu windows 8.1“.
Other features of windows 8 Start menu classic include effective recreation of windows 7 start menu and access to used features. The optimized user interface is easy and offers convenient operation. In addition, windows 8 start menu free  interface has been redesigned and the package is in a position to run in any version of windows. Moreover, start menu  windows 8.1 there is a simple switch between metro and desktop interface. Switching the two modes can be done by pressing and holding the windows key. Furthermore, there is instant and unified searching for both desktop and metro apps. Consequently, this improves efficiency in searching as well as saving time.
windows 8 start menu download allows users who only work on desktop to skip Metro start page and instead boot to windows 8 desktop directly. One of its greatest advantages is its security as it is free of malware. Overall, Start menu 8 is a worthwhile update and is an effective solution in fast access to files.

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