FortiClient Antivirus Software Download



Download FortiClient antivirus software for windows 7,8.1, And mac your high performing Next Generation Security Network platform and data file safe in your Pc and laptops

FortiClient Antivirus Software Download For Windows 7,8.1, And Mac

FortiClient Antivirus Software Download For Windows 7,8.1

Well, the top-notch FortiClient 2015 antivirus solves all that by giving you that necessary real-time protection from all kinds of computer malware. With this antivirus; worms, viruses and Trojan horses are all barred from your computer while you browse the internet. It works by seamlessly integrating your Windows or Mac PC with your Fortigate network which is a high performing Next Generation Security Network platform that shields you from even the most complex cyber threats.

Top Features Of FortiClient Antivirus 2015:

1. Seamlessly integrates with your Fortigate network hence advancing your protection.
2. Zero per-seat license charges to save you the strains of monitoring multiple endpoints hence enabling your guests to work smoothly everywhere without threatening your security.
3. Web content filtering system to block potentially dangerous websites.
4. Parental control for monitoring the activities of your children.

FortiClient Antivirus Choose Safe User Friendly Data File System:

The 2015 version not only brings a more user-friendly interface, it also has an inbuilt malware cleanup to clear all malware from your PC, a one-click activation of full protection, an improved support for Single-Sign-ON agent, Customer re-branding and customization functionality, Advanced UI for enhanced VPN setup support and an IPv6 support for VPN.
You might hence expect that a software with such world-class functionalities might cost, it is absolutely free. Download now to enjoy.
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