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CoolNovo Browser Software Download For Browsing

CoolNovo browser

Google chrome is known for its nice and pleasant interface and features. It’s fast, practical, and people rarely come by any problems. Out of all the other browsers, Google Chrome might be the most used internet browser to surf the wide internet network. It is a great browser.  I present to you the CoolNovo browser, a better version of the Google Chrome browser which is actually also made by the original Google Chrome engine. We can say it as a modified version of Google chromium download, a better one. Right after starting it up, the first thing you’ll ask yourself is, how is CoolNovo different from Google Chrome? It looks very similar. Actually, it looks exactly the same. Well, CoolNovo free download uses the same Google Chrome interface, web browsing with a bunch of added features which are mainly under the hood.

 Features Of CoolNova:

* You can close tabs by simply double-clicking them, making things much faster and easier
* Simply browse around webpages using mouse gestures, just like smartphones, but instead, you’re using    a mouse
* Drag and drop allow easy access to webpages without even having to type them

  CoolNova basically a modified (or better) version of Google Chrome. It works and looks like Google chromium download, with a bunch of handy features added to it. Think of it as a user-friendlier version of Google Chrome. The only sad thing is the lack of configurable options. Most of the features, such as mouse gestures, sadly, can’t be tweaked at all. Download CoolNovo today for a better web browsers experience and more comfortable for web browsers.


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