RMVB Player For Windows 7, 8.1 Free Download

Publisher: vsevensoft
License: Freeware
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Date added: Jan 25, 2015

The RMVB player is one of the top media players is a software that is used to view Real Media Variable Vibrate files. It is also used to add or remove individual files through its customizable playlist. Typically, it is used for multimedia content. It is also used as a popular format for movie titles because of its low bit rate and good quality.

RMVB Player For Windows 7, 8.1 Free Download

RMVB Media Player For Windows 7, 8.1

The free RMVB player enables playing, pausing, editing, and removing files. The software can segregate videos into categories. This feature is particularly beneficial to users with a large number of videos on their devices. Management of the files can be done through the playlist button. All you need to do is convert or select video files into RMVB format. In connection to this, the video and audio quality remains intact when the free RMVB player is used. The built-in search function enables the user to search for media files. The free RMVB player also enables the user to switch between a number of preset aspect ratio choices

Rmvb Media Player Free Download

RMVB Player Supporting Formats

The RMVB supporting formats include the proprietor RealPlayer SP, open-sourced Media Player Classic, MPlayer, Xine, Totem, and VCL Media Player. In addition, Format factory, My Video Converter, and Total Video Converter all support the RMVB software. Moreover, it works with a number of operating systems including windows 7 and 8.1.

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