PicPick Free Photo Editing Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Publisher: Picpick
License: Freeware/ Premium
Filesize: 12.4MB
Price: 0$
Date added: Nov 28, 2014
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PicPick is free online software that is used to capture the screen image on your computer. How to use PicPick? It is relatively simple to use and you only need to download and install it on your PC. Once installed it is basically plug and play from there. This software also undergoes regular updates. PicPick free download regular updates are meant to give the user a better image capturing experience.

PicPick Image Editor Software



The PicPick freeware Download is available for windows 7 and windows 8.1. This software comes equipped with a full featured screen image capture tool, color manipulation options and image editor. PicPick free photo editor download is simply comes with everything that both professionals and inexperienced users would desire in this class of software.


Besides from being free, PicPick photo editing software is also very easy to use and no tutorial is required for this. It is easily usable even by people who have no prior experience with editing or modification of screen shot imaging.


The quality of the images is unmatched and with a little editing using the various available tools you have yourself a perfect image.

The Best Photo Editor Comparatively

  • It can capture a screen shot of the entire screen.
  • This software offers you a variety of graphic designs to choose from which include protractor and crosshair.
  • You can be able to customize the settings to meet your specific photo needs. The full version offers more options on settings customizations.
  • You can be able to share your images on different platforms like Google+, Facebook and even twitter. Sharing is also simple as all that is required is simply to save and share.

If you are looking for screen image capture software that will not only serve the intended purpose but also give you a wonderful experience, PicPick is all you need.

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