Quick Steps To Repair Damaged | Corrupted PDF File on Windows 7,8.1

Date added: Nov 5, 2014

Corrupted PDF: Most PDF files develop problems after they have been corrupted pdf either by an infected virus or unexpected failure during transfer and even sometimes you system failure while the file was still in use. If you take action quickly you can be able to stop any more damage in your PDF.

Best way to Repair Damaged|Corrupt PDF File on Windows 7,8.1


6 Steps to Repair Corrupted pdf file

Step1 Download PDF Repair Tool to repair PDF files

Before the repair of the damaged or corrupted PDF file, download the repair tool

Use Acrobat 3.x which is the best tool. There is no software application that can extract the images and the pictures in the corrupted PDF; however with acrobat 3.x is possible. It allows one extract either normal or corrupted images and pictures in the easiest way possible. After extracting, it allows you save in different formats such as GIF, PNG, BMP AND JPEG. Pictures and images from a single or a multiple files and in all versions such as 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7.It takes short time to extract he data as well.

Step 2 select the corrupted or damaged file to repair

It is an easy step, input the file name or just click on the button to browse and choose the file. Alternatively, you can click on search button to see the file that you want to repair.

Step 3

The repair tool (Acrobat 3. x) will by default save the fixed PDF file name xxxxx_fixed.pdf, where xxxxx is the source name of the file. For instance, source PDF file Damaged.pdf, the default fixed file name will be Damaged_fixed.pdf (Bian, 2013). If you desire to use another name for your file, then you can select or set it. You can input the file name or just click on the browse button to choose the fixed file name.

Step 4

After step three, you can now click on the start button and then the puff repair button will pop up and it will eventually start repairing the puff document (Bian, 2013). Then the repairing process will show on the repair bar. When the repairing process is done, then you will see a step five

Step 5

This step involves opening up the fixed puff file using the Acrobat reader or the other application program that is compatible with it. The demo version of the software will display a message box where you can view the recovered documents and see all through to the documents, which have been recovered (Bian, 2013).

Step 6

With this demonstration version, you can decide whether this software application can successfully recover your documents or not (Bian, 2013). By use of the demo version software, you can save the files, which have been recovered, and you only need to download this software for free to get your files recovered.

When PDF files become corrupted PDF due to various reasons, make sure you use the appropriate tools for the process of repairing them. Repairing the corrupted PDF is the only way to access and restore it. Using the appropriate tools and steps will help you recover all objects contained in your corrupted PDF files which include hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, notes, among other things.

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