Download Microsoft SQL Server For Windows 7/8

Date added: Sep 8, 2015

Download Microsoft SQL Server For Windows 7/8/xp OS. Microsoft SQL server (ms sql) is a relational database management system or a software from Microsoft with main function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications .The Microsoft SQL server 2016 contains many features and improvements making it very outstanding and efficient.

Download Microsoft SQL Server For Mac and Windows Operating systems,

Top 5 Microsoft SQL Server Features :

1) Query Store: Provides the administrators or developers with the information about which query has slowed down recently thus maintaining performance. Microsoft SQL Server Download.

2) Polybase: Now Store your Text Files in Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage and process them as part of your Database tables which is especially helpful in ETL(Extract,Transform,Load) process.

3) Stretch Database: Minimizes Storage cost by stretching Database into Azure Cloud storage.

4) JSON Support: Provides support for JSON as a consequence of which JSON data can directly be moved into tables.

5) Row Level Security: Limits the extent of database exposure based on Customer IDs in multi-tenant environments.

What’s new in Microsoft SQL Server latest version:

The latest version of MS SQL has come up with loads of new features but the most notable ones are: New DAX ms sql free . New behaviors for DAX variables Row Level Security(RLS) HTML 5 Rendering Engine User Interface added for SSAS Extended events. Next it has a poly base which manages relational and non relational data. Microsoft sql server free download. The temporal database support is also a feature used for tracking historical data changes. Finally it has a row-level security which allows us to control access to data without modifying the application.


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