Top 5 Calculator Softwares Free Download For Windows and Mac

Date added: Jun 2, 2015

Calculator Softwares help in different functions and acts as an interactive tool to provide operations for users, perform processes that give a sequence of steps. They perform no other jobs apart from their intended jobs. These calculators are implemented as a computer program and not hardware. They have simple operations, complete simple processes and use a small amount of data.

Top 5 Calculator Softwares Free Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Top 5 Calculators Free Software Download For Windows and Mac


Graphing Calculator Softwares For Windows

The graphical calculator helps to plot graphs, equations and perform other variable tasks. Some are customized to suit client engineering needs. These calculators have a large display area, displays many text lines and calculations. They have computer algebra systems that help to perform operations, simplify and expand. They give answers in exact forms.

Financial Calculator Softwares For Windows

The financial calculator performs 11 different functions by a simple click. These Calculator Softwares show actual values in bigger numbers without the use of exponential expressions. It saves the results in the database and displays each result in different section. Ability to customize the needed programs and can be translated into different languages. It has several options such as inflation, loan, tax and phone costs.

Gear Ratio Calculator Softwares For Windows

This gear ratio Calculator Softwares helps to calculate the car gear ratio using customized parameters including the speed, wheels and engine. It is designed with an excellent user interface. It has a clear screen to show what you are doing. It is easy to work with for new users. Features include compatibility to upload information from HDV and HDC files. It gives data fast without any errors. It is friendly to use with other system resources and free download it completely

Data Calculator Softwares For Mac

The data calculator is a scientific tool for tables of numbers. It helps to define functions and variables, and then carry out an evaluation on tables. It has different editing menus, math, table and graph sections for a user to choose.

Mortgage Calculator Softwares For Mac

This app allows the user to know how much they pay for the mortgage taken. It can also calculate insurance and property taxes, loans and credit card payments. The best feature is that it allows you to take a snapshot of regular spending. It gives a powerful report to know interest and any increased pay.

Today, you can free download several Calculator Softwares for free. These Calculator Softwares tools help you to manage your finances and get the correct reports so that you manage your life well.

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