Top Best Online And Offline Maps Free Download For Windows PC

Date added: Oct 26, 2014

Without  any doubt, Google maps is the best maps and most famous for web mapping services, but there are still many which one can do if it suddenly it stops functioning. Let us find the alternative best maps online and offline services that may be used on a personal computer to track the direction on a bus route.

New Innovation Best Maps  for Windows PC Free Download 


Yahoo maps 

It is one of the top best alternative maps to Google maps. This best map website service was initiated in year 2007 and since then the number of people who uses it has continued to grow rapidly. Yahoo world maps and directions gives the same free best mapping services that Google can serve. You can look for the necessary direction, search a location, and find the information about the nearby businesses and services. Also, you can search for the information about the present traffic situation and then plan your drive in accordance with it.

Bing maps

These appear to be a competitor’s to the Google maps. They are created by Microsoft, this type of the map service allows the users to access the information about 70 cities globally. You can get all the necessary information on how to get to a particular place or location by public transport or a car. The services they produce are very unique aspects, which give aerial views from different angles. This software is available for free download


They belong to Wikipedia and allows you to search for all types of maps and directions like satellite or hybrid maps. It is a simple free service, so that anyone can get driving directions, locations, finding the information by public transport or a car. It has an advanced feature that anyone can edit wikimapia layer.

Tom Tom Route Planner

Being have acquired the 3D modelling company Earthmine, Route Planner has made a free challenger to the other mapping services.Route Planner uses its own cars with the very special cameras on the top. They usually capture cities, country image and states and merge them with exactly Geo-orientation.


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