Alternative Way to Use Flash Drives as RAM in Windows

Date added: Nov 10, 2014

The reduction of space in computers leads to slow response. Due to this, it’s of great importance to increase the size of the computers RAM so as to accommodate much more space and prevent lagging. One of the most common and simple methods to boost the RAM is via the flash drive/USB drive/Pen drive. The following are the basic

Steps to Increase the Space of Your Windows Computer Using a Flash Drive 


-Insert the flash disk into the USB port on your computer. Make sure your flash drive has more than 1 GB of free space by right clicking it to view its properties. You can increase the space by deleting unwanted contents from the flash drive.

-Click on the Windows menu and select my computer from the popped up list.

-Once you have selected “my computer”, click on the “properties” option. This action will open up the “system properties” option.

-From the “system properties” option, select “advanced” option. This action will open up the “performance” interface and under it the “settings” option.

-Select the “settings” option and the “processor scheduling” will pop up.

-Under the “advanced” option, select the “change” option under the “virtual memory” and click on it. This action will open up a new page listing different drives.

-Select and click the “flash drive” option.

-Select the “custom size” option and set the required size. This highly depends on the space available in your pen drive.

-After you have set the required size, click on the “ok” button. This in turn will prompt the computer to ask for restarting.

-Restart your computer with your pen drive inside its port. Once the computer has restarted successfully, the RAM of your computer has been increased and you are in a position to save more on your computer.

Though the trick is only temporary, it helps a lot in saving you extra money since you don’t have to buy external hard drives.

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