ALShow Player For Windows 7, 8.1 Free download

Publisher: Altools
License: Freeware
Filesize: 11.4MB
Price: 0$
Date added: Nov 27, 2014

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ALShow player is a free media player that plays over 20 media formats. You can download it for your pc online free. This new media player was originally known as ALPlayer but is now more enhanced. It also supports skins. The latest version of this player is has a more intuitive interface with neatly arranged menus that make your work easier.

ALShow Player A All In One Player



You can get the full version of Alshow player for windows 7, 8, and XP for free download . This classic media player comes with a license that ensures you get the authentic version.


The neatly arranged menu on the interface makes it easy to use. Alshow media player is as easy as just a click.


Undoubtedly the sound and video quality is unmatched. The various playback speeds allow you to speed up or slow down the movies as you wish.

Different from other players, this one allows for video and audio capturing. You can even take snap shots. If you need to edit these videos and photos then you simply import them for this media player to the editor. ALShow video player contains the most popular codec packs which support a variety of files. You can get an update as soon as they are out. Other than windows, mac also supports this video player which can be used to watch online streaming too.

It is quite a portable player compared to all the other media and video players. Alshow player download today and get to enjoy the great features it has to offer. Here is to uninterrupted viewing.

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